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ITC2017 - 9ème Imaging the Cell

Université Rennes 1

Following the great success of the 8th edition in Bordeaux (2015), the French Society for Cell Biology is pleased to announce the forthcoming 2017 9th edition of the “Imaging the Cell” congress in Rennes, June 28-30 2017. This meeting will cover the most recent conceptual and technological advances in cell imaging at both cellular and ultrastructural levels.

The morning sessions will be dedicated to talks given by prestigious national and international speakers and selected short talks. During afternoon, technical workshops will be setup in several imaging facilities (MRicH2P2ImPACcell etc) in Rennes.


With a strong regional and national history, the capital of Britany, at only 2-hours direct flight from most European capitals, will welcome you with it beautiful medieval architecture and traditions. This festive town’s reputation is also founded on pleasures of the table and will provide you very specific culinary traditions. We will be very happy to welcome you in Rennes for this exciting meeting.

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lieu :
Université Rennes 1
Campus de Villejean
Place du Recteur Henri Le Moal

Organisateur :
Université Rennes 1 - UMS BIOSIT CNRS 3480 INSERM 018
Mme Elysabeth CORTADE

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