The Mabilay - Couvent des Jacobins

A leading economic fabric

Rennes is the beating heart of the Brittany economy. It is here that research efforts see the light of day, where various technologies distinguish themselves: digital, health, food, environmental and manufacturing. The four competitiveness clusters of Brittany greatly rely on the highly specialised fields of the regional economy: Images et Réseaux (Images and Networks), Mer Bretagne, Valorial (food sector) ID4CAR (vehicles and mobility).

1st agribusiness of France
5eme industrial region of France
1st maritime region

A leading economic fabric

Supported by an exceptional natural territory, Brittany has developed a remarkable agricultural and industrial activity. Agri-business, shipbuilding, digital technology, new energy, and biotechnology are just some of the performing sectors where many innovation projects are flourishing. Around Rennes a high-level research fabric is forming, establishing numerous research centres as well as competitive and business clusters.

4 competitive clusters
2000 researchers in agribusiness
2000 researchers in ICT
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