Agribusiness in Brittany

Agribusiness : Brittany, champion of Europe

Brittany is the leading French agricultural region and also the top agribusiness region in Europe. Quantity and quality. A high-performance livestock sector, a diversified vegetable production, and a fishing industry that has reinvented itself have supported the rise of a powerful and dynamic industry, which never ceases to innovate and renew itself.

1st agribusiness region in europe
1st fishing region in France
1st meat production region in France

An ecosystem relying on added value

Large European groups as well as a multitude of SMEs transform Brittany’s local raw materials and constantly adapt to the needs of markets and consumers. This network of companies relies on the added value of transformation based on a renowned R & D ecosystem.

14 of the 40 top french companies
3600 etablishements
57000 industrials jobs
2000 researchers

Valorial, inventing tomorrow’s food

The Valorial competitiveness cluster is working for the development and innovation of Brittany’s agribusinesses, and more broadly that of the Grand Ouest (Greater West). Key issues: human & animal nutrition & health, microbiology and safety, innovative technologies, functional ingredients, uses & marketing.

4 priority areas
57000 industrials jobs
2000 researchers
318 projects approved

SPACE, the leading European livestock trade fair

Since 1986, Rennes hosts the largest livestock trade fair every year. SPACE (Salon des Productions Animales – Carrefour Européen) is a 4-day event with more than 100,000 visitors, 15,000 from abroad.
The 30th: edition takes place from September 13 to 16, 2016.

More than 10000 visitors
15000 foreign visitors
nearly 500 companies present
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