Defence and cybersecurity : a tradition of excellence

Historically naval territory, Brittany is one of the major players in national defence. Building on high-tech expertise, a network of over 500 companies and research centres operates around these greatly sensitive issues. Brittany is is one of the leaders in French cybersecurity.

leading region for the naval defense industry
More than 500 private and publics players

Defence: an action network

Around major players in both public (DGA, French Navy) or private (Thales and DCNS) sectors, Brittany has organised itself to drive a large-scale R & D and manufacturing effort, including the Defence & Security CTCI (Technical Informal Consultation Committee), led by Brittany Development & Innovation.

383 companies
7 competitiveness clsuters and centres
11 renowned schools - 47 research teams

The excellence of the Cyberdefence cluster

In the fight against cybercrime, Brittany is leading the race. There is a veritable network dedicated to research and development, but also to education and training that has developed in the region, earning it a centre of excellence status awarded by the Ministry of Defence.

75 cybersecurity specialist companies
10 higher eduction courses
1st chair of cyberdefense
1st Cyber security engineer speciality unique in France
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