De l’industrie automobile vers la mobilité durable

From the automotive industry towards sustainable mobility

The mobility challenges in Brittany have found a rich land of industrial know-how and R &D competencies. Around Rennes, there grows some of the most promising projects for the future of the industry. Here, the auto industry has deliberately committed to its changes and is inventing sustainable mobility.

 13% of breton industry 9 employment pools

The choice of performance and innovation

Brittany’s automotive sector has redefined its business model, betting on performance and innovation, impulsing optimisation and industrial processes. Larger companies (PSA Peugeot-Citroen, Legris SA etc) and SMEs, as well as a network of research and technology transfer organisations (Insa Rennes, Maupertuis Institute and others) have gathered around the pôle Productique de Britain centre hat works to improve competitiveness (mechanics, materials, mechatronics , robotics, prototyping etc.), and finally around the ID4CAR competitiveness cluster driving innovation in 4 sectors: automotive; special vehicles; agricultural machinery, off road vehicles and mobile robotics; and finally mobility services.

185000 vehicules produced annualy
Leading manufacturer and oems
ID4CAR competitiveness clusters

A pioneering territory of carbon-free mobility

Relatively recent home to the automobile industry, Rennes and Brittany have now adopted a veritable culture of mobility issues. In support of the businesses, communities rapidly committed to an innovative positioning: the carbon-free mobility. From 2011, Rennes has been the national leader of electric mobility cities.

While the ID4CAR cluster combines ICT and sustainable mobility in one of its strategic priorities – alongside materials and embedded innovative systems -, the Brittany Green Vehicle plan is quickly being rolled out: supporting R & D projects and territorial deployment of experiments.  There is one single ambition: to make Brittany a reference in eco-mobility.

Rennes national leader
green vehicle programe brittany 400 communities
1000 electric vehicle charging stations in brittany
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