Laboratoire grandeur nature des énergies de la mer

Large scale marine energy laboratory

With a fantastic coastline and a remarkable range of skills in universities and companies, Brittany is the French leader of marine renewable energy (MRE). All technologies are used here, from research to industrialisation.

 offshore wind floating and fixed tidal and wave  power otec
3000 researchers
220 businesses - 20000 jobs

A leading MRE region in Europe

Blessed with its natural heritage – 2730 km of coastline, powerful currents, regular winds, the biggest tides in Europe -, Brittany offers unique conditions for research and experimentation for all MRE technologies, and so hosts 50% of French marine science and technology research teams, along with the major players of industrial research, development and innovation.

Leading french region for marine r&D
270 kms is half of the total french coastline
France energies marines

An industrial dynamic at work

All the conditions for successful MRE projects, from design to the industrial stage, are gathered here in Brittany. A network of 220 companies provide almost full coverage of industry expertise, and the entire MRE value chain. Many sectors are now mobilised, and so the R & D environment is very conducive to exchanges.

62 industries: engineering, technical studies, industrial mechanics, ship repair and maintenance, shipbuilding and floating structures, cutting and stamping, manufacturing of metal structures, transport organisation, electrical installation, hydraulic equipment and much more.

All industry players: Actimar, Adwen, Altran-Ouest, Areva, Blue Water Shipping, CLS, Damen, DCNS, EDF EN, EDF, In Vivo, Marinelec Technologies, Meteogroup, Nass&Wind, Nowak SAS, Open Ocean, Piriou, RTSYS, Sabella, SDVI , STX Europe, Veolia Environnement and many others.

A powerful reservoir of skills

Its maritime economy and a training system adapted to marine trades endows Brittany with a large reserve of professionals in the marine renewable energy sector. Especially as the training programs are constantly adapted, with old and new institutions responding to the industry needs.

Mer bretagne atlantique
5 international higher education organisation

Flawless mobilisation

Well-established, the tidal power plant in Rance opened in 1967! MREs in Brittany are experienced, knowledgeable and skilled, with research and experimentation, industries and infrastructure as well as the mobilisation of public and private actors. Besides the Brittany region, players can now rely on the Mer Bretagne Atlantique competitiveness cluster, France Énergies Marine (marine energy development institute) and numerous experimental and testing infrastructures.

Nval school
Work in progress - the bay of Saint Brieuc offshore wind power
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