E-health: a focus on technologies

Medicine of the future: focus on technology

As the French leader in health technologies, imaging and eHealth, and with a unique expertise in biotechnology, Brittany bridges the divide between scientific research and clinical expertise with a very specific remarkable entrepreneurial dynamism.

25 health research units
More than 600 faculty members
215 businesses - 8000 jobs
3 biological ressource centre

Here, future therapies are created

Two University Hospital Centres, including Rennes, the largest in Brittany, a high quality network of clinics, and a research activity make the best of these driving forces; Brittany is engaged in the creation of tomorrow’s medicine: preventive, predictive, personalised and participatory.

125 research teams
national leader in the developpement of medical molecule and active elements
Historical themes

Care, research and business: a sector-wide effect 

The health sector in Brittany is distinguished by significant investments in R & D, structured around an academic research hub with 25 research units and a network of over 200 companies. The health sector is a veritable pillar in the economic development of the region. As well as recognised themes – pharma & biotech, health technology, nutrition – now prevention, e-health, integrated health and more are developing. 

225 businesses - more than 9000 jobs
5 labcoms
the ID2 santé techncology innovation centre
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