Ship building and boat building

Ship building and boat building: a head for innovation

Benefiting from 2,700 km of coastline, Brittany is the natural leader in the French Naval and Marine Industry. Ship building and repair is one of the region’s traditional industries and is the nation’s best. Supported by performance research, this sector knows how to continually renew itself to offer increasingly innovative products and services as does the nautical sector, deliberately positioned on high added value.

 1st nationwide
4th industrial sector in Brittany
1300 businesses - 2700 researchers

An industrial activity feeding others

Naval architecture, project management, construction and repair, on-board equipment and systems, logistics, maintenance and associated services: no facet is neglected in the Breton ship construction and repair industry. While the military sector continues to play a pivotal role, civil ship building – fishing, boating, oceanography, passenger transport – is also quite active. This complete industrial unit covers an astounding range of trades, with some very established names (DCNS, Sobrena, STX, Piriou) as well as some very dynamic SMEs.

1st nationwide for naval ship building
415 etablishments with 8000 employees
2nd nationwide for civil ship building

Maritime innovation is second nature

The Brittany naval tradition is coupled to the future. Companies in this sector have gathered at the Bretagne Pole Naval competitiveness cluster o set up ambitious R & D programs both studying the vessels of the future and marine renewable energy (MRE). In parallel, the Mer Bretagne Atlantique, competitiveness cluster has some global ambitions and unites companies and researchers on many topics, including maritime safety, security and engineering as well as maintenance and naval services.

Brittany naval center
Pôle mer bretagne atlantique : 25 000 employees, 580 companies
1600 researchers in public institutions

Sailing: in the service of a complete marine economy

The Breton sailing industry provides a 360º offer, with high quality services and advanced technology products. Again, there is no luck involved: indeed, the sector deliberately sails in formation with the ship building industry, clearly aware that their closely related skills are mutually reinforced and complement each other. Thus, the development of the sailing sector is a diversification opportunity for the ship building sector, working for a more than ever conquering Breton marine economy.

1100 companies
4900 employees
95% of the french ocean racing economy
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