Rennes Subway

Your sole contact

Tailor-made services close to your project

Our key advantages: expertise and a welcoming smile!

Our mission: consulting, guidance and referrals (to places or services tailored to your specifications)
Our commitment: listening, availability and quality (installation of options and estimates for different spaces available)

5 keywords for a successful event in Rennes

Simplicity: a single contact
Reactivity: a response in 24 hours flat
Efficiency: a welcoming chain concentrating all public and private stakeholders
Visibility: a communication kit
Quality: a quality approach used by all the welcoming chain

Tooptimise your application procedures: 35-commitment contract offered

Destination Rennes has formalised a 35-commitment host contract, supported by the whole chain of private and public players, to support congress, seminars and conventions* candidates:

• Welcome: dedicated space at the train station and airport to welcome participants
• Communication: the tools necessary for the drafting and defence of the candidate application
• Organisation of the walk-through visit
• Interface with regional institutional stakeholders
• Quality: referenced and evaluated providers
• Mobility: traffic plan, transportation pass

* Events benefit from all 35 commitments:
Events with substantial economic benefits, for all categories depending on the magnitude and the number of nights (500 participants * 2 nights)
Recurring events in the region (economic / scientific)
Events serving the excellence sectors of the region: agribusiness / digital / cyberdefense / vehicle and mobility / bio-technology / marine energies / naval and boating / ecological activities
Events meeting the ICCA criteria (organised by non-profit associations, regularly, in at least 3 countries, with a minimum of 50 participants)
Events meeting the UAI criteria (organised by non-profit associations with a minimum duration of 3 days, at least 300 participants, at least 5 nationalities and at least 40% foreign visitors)

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