BCOM - L'espace

BCOM L’Espace

bcom *l’Espace* is a 500m² venue on the brand new bcom campus, a showcase for digital innovation. Give your guests a unforgettable experience!

The medium is the message

The venue you choose for your event is just as important as the event itself.

An appropriate environment not only facilitates the smooth running of functions, client presentations, conferences, seminars and workshops, but it also sends out a message. With b<>com *l’Espace*, this message is about expertise, capability, innovation and comfort.

b<>com *l’Espace* can offer more than 500m² of function space, divided into two separate but complementary areas that can host up to 180 people: the *Espace Conférences* and the *Espace Hypermedia* combine cutting-edge technology with premium services for a matchless experience. 

Further informations
  • Maximum capacity : 180
  • Minimum capacity : 5
  • Capacity in plenary : 120
  • Capacity in committee room : 60
  • Capacity in cocktail reception : 120
  • Capacity in sit-down meal : 120
  • Wifi : Yes
  • Vestiaire Cloakrooms : Yes
  • Outsourced caterer : No
  • Local caterer : Yes
  • Referenced caterer : -
  • Adapted to : Convention / General meetings, Business seminars, Incentive
  • BCOM L’Espace
  • Marion
  • Carcreff
  • 1219 avenue des Champs Blancs
  • 35510
  • Cesson-Sévigné
  • Phone : 0256358800
Customer review
  • "Richard Postaire - Institutional Market Director - BANQUE POPULAIRE DE L'OUEST : "In early October, we invited around 30 guests (staff, customers and prospective customers) to a discussion morning on the theme of innovation. This event, held in the *Espace Conférences*, took us out of our usual setting and strengthened our image as a digital, innovative bank. We particularly appreciated the quality of the support provided by the bcom teams, the technical system that greatly facilitates the speaker's task, and the option of displaying a variety of content on the HD screens and TVs in the various meeting rooms, with no difficulties at all. We were also very pleased with the technological, modern environment of the campus." "
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