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Au bureau des saveurs

Au Bureau des Saveurs, artisan caterer for corporate clients

We are an artisan caterer for corporate clients, working with our clients to devise tailor-made packages that meet the requirements of their events and the allotted budget. Where required, we even provide personalised cookery workshops and add a dash of theatre based on specific themes.

We are passionate advocates of flavour and a job well done and are committed to supplying generous portions of refined home-made food using fresh produce, where possible sourced from local producers.

Our team is accessible, responsive and full of ideas when it comes to meeting our clients’ slightest needs. We supply all types of corporate events with or without waiter service (seminars, meetings, open days, etc.), offering cocktail breakfasts or dinners, sit-down meals, breakfasts and gourmet breaks. We provide various sweet and savoury items at different price ranges and adapt our offer to suit the style of reception you require (smart, casual, etc.).

We also deliver meal trays in Rennes and its outskirts. These can be ordered online from our website.

  • Au bureau des saveurs
  • Stéphanie
  • Pédron-Chauvel
  • 74 rue de Rennes
  • 35510
  • Cesson-Sévigné
Customer review
  • Stéphanie Autef - Founder of events company LallaSam/Château de la Giraudais events manager |LALLASAM - Funfair workshop at the Château de la Giraudais. : "I am more than happy with my partnership with "Le Bureau des Saveurs". They make a point of only working with fresh, seasonal produce, which contributes to the outstanding quality of their creations. What's more, they are very involved in staging and decoration, ensuring that every event is unique."

    Priscille Baron - Administrator - LE TRIANGLE CONFERENCE CENTR : "|We have worked with Le Bureau des Saveurs for almost 3 years and are happy to provide a testimonial. We appreciate having one provider for all our events. Their professionalism is reflected in their services. The whole team is pleasant, responsive and we know we can count on them. We have developed our respective operating methods to improve coordination and enjoy a working relationship based on trust which is extremely satisfactory."

    Chantal Tomanek - Branch Manager - Crédit Conseil de France - Cocktail dinner : "When organising business events such as evening functions, I want my guests to be amazed and enjoy themselves. The Bureau des Saveurs fully meets this brief, providing flavour and beauty. I have absolutely no concerns about the freshness of produce or how it is prepared. Each dish can be adapted to a theme which we choose with the Bureau des Saveurs team. The whole service is provided attentively with a smile and is always on deadline. Well done!"
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