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A hosting service provider specialising in events and the corporate sector

BIRDIES will host all your trade fairs, conventions, conferences, meetings, symposia, etc. offering the following services

  • Cloakroom management, cloakroom rental, ticket sales.
  • Passing the microphone
  • Greeting, guiding and assisting participants, signing guests in, PDA system management (hire).
  • Room management, tidying up, placing materials on seats, distributing documents.
  • Managing stands, replenishing documents.
  • Taking contact details: business cards, entering data on the PDA.
  • Ensuring people complete coupons.
  • Distributing promotional gifts.
  • Serving guests.

Our hosts and hostesses are recruited based on stringent criteria and your own specifications. A catalogue of outfits and accessories is available on request.

  • Birdies
  • Cécile
  • Hamelin
  • 130 Rue Eugène Pottier
  • 35000
  • Rennes
Customer review
  • Anne Blonde - Production Manager - LE GRAND LARGE, Saint-Malo Convention Centre : "Birdies is one of the service providers that has regularly operated at Le Grand Large for over 20 years. They are able to offer services meeting our clients' requirements and have always been responsive, receptive and professional."

    Sophie Godefroy - Project Manager - AGENCE CCC (Conferences, Symposia, Conventions): "We have worked with Birdies for almost 15 years and are happy to provide a testimonial. We organise medical conferences throughout France and appreciate having one company we can go to for nationwide events in both small towns and big cities. Their professionalism is apparent from the way they follow-up on various matters (quotations, enquiries, 'costume' delivery, management). Of course, as in all human activities, hostesses are sometimes unable to attend events due to unforeseen circumstances. Birdies takes all necessary steps to mitigate for these absences (extending hostesses' shifts in some cases and drafting in replacements in others) and does its utmost to meet our organisational requirements. All staff at the various branches are pleasant, responsive and we know we can count on them. We have developed our respective operating methods to improve coordination and have a working relationship based on trust, which is extremely satisfactory. Why not try them out and see for yourself!"
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