Charleen Hôtesse, agence d'hôtesses
  • Service provider : Hostesses

Charleen Hôtesse

Since 1986, Charleen has offered customers all her expertise in terms of hosting and associated services.

Charleen has made her name turning hosting into a career in its own right that requires skilled professionals.

Besides hosting, Charleen’s hostesses are trained in mail and meeting room management. They run events, representing her clients’ brand image to the outside world.

Charleen is able to offer a personalised concierge service to employees of her client companies. This service makes their lives much easier, lightening their everyday workload and saving considerable time with routine tasks.

  • Charleen Hôtesse
  • Nathalie
  • Lefaix
  • 40 rue du Bignon
  • 35574
  • Cesson Sévigné
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