Farandole végétale, traiteur.
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Farandole Vegetale

Farandole Végétale – a new approach to flavour!

Prepare to be amazed by food that offers a range of original aromas and flavours!

Farandole Végétale is a caterer that defies convention, working with new flavours to break into uncharted territory. Its originality lies in the multitude of small dishes that make up its meals.

These are all prepared with local, mainly organic ingredients that blend to produce creative food using spices, savoury herbs, flowers, seaweed, fish and seasonal fruit and vegetables.

What ‘s more, they are all served in environmentally-friendly, biodegradable containers!
For groups and by reservation only.

  • Farandole Vegetale
  • 37 Square du Berry
  • 35000
  • Rennes
  • Natacha
  • Briere
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