Ferre Bernadette
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Ferre Bernadette

Une cuisine diversifiée, simple et gourmande à base de produits locaux et bio

I have been working as a dedicated peripatetic chef since 2007, offering companies, local authorities and individuals quality, organic, creative cuisine

I buy my ingredients from local producers, with whom I have built up a relationship of trust: the farm shops “Brin d’herbe” and “Le Clic des Champs”, local markets and market gardeners, etc.

Using these ingredients, I concoct balanced dishes, rich in legumes, spices and herbs, with a varied palette of tastes, colours, textures and smells. I build bridges between traditional home-cooked local food, exotic cuisine inspired by my travels to Asia and North Africa, and vegetarian dishes.

Since 2014, we have been a two-woman team working as peripatetic chefs – on an occasional basis to start with, then increasingly regularly. Valentine and I are keen to develop our partnership. We see our cuisine as a way of bringing people together to experience new tastes, based on varied, balanced dishes.

  • Ferre Bernadette
  • Bernadette
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  • 7 rue Armand Herpin Lacroix
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  • Rennes
Customer review
  • Hélène Amouriaux - Town Councillor - Chavagne Town Hall - Mayor's address : "In 2009, the new team of elected representatives in Chavagne was keen to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development in its public events. The Mayor's address was the perfect opportunity: a buffet using products from local farms that respected the environment and created local jobs. Bernadette is so good at what she does – everyone loved it. The food was attractive to look at, tasty, generous and hearty. Eight years on, Chavagne wants more of the same!"

    Martine Trellu - Artistic adviser to the Town of Montgermont - Brittany Watercolour Society - Montgermont Watercolour Fair : "I called on Bernadette to take care of the catering for the Montgermont Watercolour Fair. This involved providing a tea room and lunches throughout the event. The drinks and desserts provided were original, varied and extremely tasty. It's these personal creations that make what Bernadette offers so special."
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