Here We Are
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Here We Are

The agency is a network of freelancers working under the same banner to meet all your creative needs. Whether working alone or in a group – HERE WE ARE!

Corporate events can often seem all too familiar

HERE WE ARE works alongside you to create a bespoke event that will really get you noticed – new projects or heritage sites, products or services. The agency works for you and with you, devising activities such as a creative workshop, an exhibition, a parade, an art project or even a sack race that will bring your ideas to life and meet your needs.

HERE WE ARE has close links with the contemporary art and fine dining scenes – the agency can make sure that your staff or customers will enjoy a unique experience at your conference, seminar or product launch and will go away fully aware of all that Rennes has to offer in the way of smart, creative solutions. It’s a whole new approach to conferences.

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