ID Agence à Rennes
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ID l’agence

Boost your company's appeal

ID l’agence is a dynamic, creative agency and it believes in the power and effectiveness of its ideas

The agency makes a deliberate choice to explore bold, innovative approaches that will give a new slant to your communications strategy.

They should be part of a long-term approach that affirms the company’s identity and values.

Id l’agence supports its customers in designing and organising bespoke business events such as AGMs and symposiums, and creating stands for trade fairs. The agency also manages events-based communications: press relations, etc.

The agency builds on its extensive network of talents to create bespoke project teams that fit the needs and personality of each of its customers.

  • ID l’agence
  • Patrica
  • Le Bozec
  • 74 F, rue de Paris
  • 35000
  • Rennes
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