Ecole Renens School of Business

Colloque / Symposium / Conférence

9ème conférence euro africaine en finance et economie


Du 03 juin 2024 au 04 juin 2024


Rennes School of Business
2 rue Robert d’Arbrissel
CS 76522
35000 Rennes


Rennes School of Business

Christèle Wright - Coordinatrice Département recherche

02 99 33 48 79


Economie - Comptabilité - Banque - Assurance - Finance




100 personnes attendues

9th edition

The Conference started in 2006 and since then has been called Euro-African Conference on Finance and Economics (CEAFE). The second title : Mediterranean Workshop in Economic Theory (MWET) has been adopted in 2022 ! Since then, the conference has become one of the regional scientific meetings of Society for Advancement of Economic Theory (SAET: under the double name: CEAFE/MWET.

The CEAFE/MWET results from the long-lasting collaboration of several researchers, universities and research centers from Tunisia, France, Belgium, partnering with institutions from Egypt, Morocco and Portugal. It constitutes a privileged forum for scientific discussion and collaboration between researchers in Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean region working in different areas in the domains of Economics and Finance. It aims to enrich the scientific knowledge on the economic and financial problems arising in modern societies. It covers a wide diversity of methods (theoretical, empirical and experimental) and scientific topics (e.g., theoretical economics, financial economics, political economics, industrial organization, normative economics, public economics, international economics, macroeconomics, labor market, environmental economics, microeconomics, mathematical economics, networks, welfare, social choice, quantitative finance, applied econometrics, financial markets and banking, fiscal and monetary policy, economic growth, development economics, business and financial cycles) to push forward the frontier of scientific knowledge in the areas of Economics and Finance.

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